Artemis’s Birth Story: Part One

I always knew that I would want to share my birth story, not just because I think it is an important part of any pregnancy after loss and infertility journey, but also for me. I knew I wouldn’t want to forget a single detail of the day our rainbow finally joined our family. At my 35 week appointment, my doctor told me that she would … Continue reading Artemis’s Birth Story: Part One

Downtown Maternity Photos

I think maternity photos were sort of on my mind since the beginning of our second trimester. After all, it is very unlikely that we will ever have another baby, and part of me wanted to capture this time in our lives forever. Though I mentioned it to my husband in passing, I think I knew that financially, it just wasn’t in the cards. We … Continue reading Downtown Maternity Photos

Adventure Awaits – Our Travel Themed Baby Shower

I had a panic attack the morning of my baby shower. And not just a little one, but the full blown kind with chest pains, hyperventilating, sweating. All of it. Though a baby shower is basically a right of passage for any first time parents in America, I was extremely apprehensive about having one of my own. In fact, basically from the moment we knew … Continue reading Adventure Awaits – Our Travel Themed Baby Shower