Downtown Maternity Photos

I think maternity photos were sort of on my mind since the beginning of our second trimester. After all, it is very unlikely that we will ever have another baby, and part of me wanted to capture this time in our lives forever. Though I mentioned it to my husband in passing, I think I knew that financially, it just wasn’t in the cards. We … Continue reading Downtown Maternity Photos

Endometriosis Diet: Bouillabaisse

Has it really been since April that I last posted? I was doing so well there for a minute. Like, a real human minute. Literally, I only did well for like…a week. Guys, I am terrible at this whole blog thing. But I have so much to say, and I have learned so much about infertility, fertility, IUI, IVF, Endometriosis, nutrition, and so many other … Continue reading Endometriosis Diet: Bouillabaisse

The Ten Things You Should Say (or Do) to Your Infertile Friends.

I started writing this follow up to my last post The Ten Things You Shouldn’t Say (Or Do) to Your Infertile Friends, way back in February once I posted the last blog. When I started writing it, I thought I would have a quicker follow up, with only Five things you SHOULD say or do. As it turns out to nobody’s surprise, I just had … Continue reading The Ten Things You Should Say (or Do) to Your Infertile Friends.