IVF Round Two: We Begin Again

Oh hey guys. It’s been a long time. Aside from a post in January about how my diet changes helped ease some of my endometriosis symptoms, I have been pretty quiet about our infertility journey since our first round of IVF ended in failure. Now that I posted an update on Instagram, I thought it was time to try to start blogging agai . I … Continue reading IVF Round Two: We Begin Again

Endometriosis Diet: The State of the Endo

It has been well over a year since I first conceived a plan to start trying to help fix my endometriosis with food. The way I eat has evolved and changed a lot over the past year, and I have been so far from perfect when it comes to following any sort of “rules.” I’m going to start this post by being extremely honest. I … Continue reading Endometriosis Diet: The State of the Endo

Endometriosis Diet: Bouillabaisse

Has it really been since April that I last posted? I was doing so well there for a minute. Like, a real human minute. Literally, I only did well for like…a week. Guys, I am terrible at this whole blog thing. But I have so much to say, and I have learned so much about infertility, fertility, IUI, IVF, Endometriosis, nutrition, and so many other … Continue reading Endometriosis Diet: Bouillabaisse