Infertility…and Finding an Adventure

8 thoughts on “Infertility…and Finding an Adventure”

  1. That’s so positive of you, Samantha! It’s great to see a strong woman getting up from a feeling of nothing to travelling around and feeling alive again. It takes courage and a level of optimism which is great to see in you. I’m sure a baby would turn your life into an amazing adventure but like you’ve already mentioned, don’t let that stop you from going on the real adventures for now! Loved this post! ❤

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    1. Thanks so much for your kind words. This post was pretty special to me, and marks a new beginning of sorts for this blog. We are currently in the middle of our first IVF cycle, something that I hope to share in more detail soon on the blog. But our travels helped me realize I wanted IVF and helped heal my old wounds. So I wanted to tell the story properly.

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      1. That sounds great! IVF does have more chances than AI and since it’s much more detailed, I’m sure it’ll be a success. All my best wishes to you and can’t wait to read a blog post about it 🙂

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  2. Travelling and seeing new places is one of the things that held us together when things were at a low point. Sometimes it was a huge effort for me to try to enjoy the experience in front of us, but I know I have seen and experienced some amazing places. The world is a huge yet very small place xx

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    1. I feel like no matter what happens with our current round of IVF, this Infertility will always be a part of me. I’ll never feel perfectly whole or complete, and some days I still feel like I’m drowning. But traveling helped remind me that there are lots of things to live for, and lots of ways your life can have purpose and value. I k ow how hard it can be to experience life at times. Thanks for reading.

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      1. I agree, infertility will always be part of who I am. One thing I have come to accept is that although it isn’t the life i would have chosen, I will be more than ok, but its taken 10 years to reach that point. We just have to remember to be kind to ourselves xx

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