Moving on from Ariadne’s String: Infertility and Adventures

“The life you have led doesn’t need to be the only life you have.”

~ Anna Quindlen


Since beginning this blog over a year ago, I have had the amazing opportunity to do a lot of travelling. I’ve always enjoyed exploring new places, and returning to my favorite cities, but this year the experiences were so much different.

My travels this year began with a trip to Pennsylvania with my husband in May. We went back to his small home time to attend the wedding of some very dear friends, but we also got the opportunity to spend a couple of days in Pittsburgh. That was particularly fun for me, because Pittsburgh is a seriously cool city. We drove up to the top of Mount Washington, and took in the amazing views around the city.

Pittsburgh 1 (21 of 43)

We also enjoyed a stuffed sandwich at Primanti Bros in the Strip District (which is our favorite lunch spot in the city).

Pittsburgh (1 of 1)

As if all that wasn’t enough, we enjoyed a few drinks with one of Mark’s best friends at a bar overlooking PPG Paints Arena (where the Penguins play), during the Stanley Cup Finals. Given that the Pens went on to win the cup, this experience became even more exciting. Mark even bought me a Pen’s anniversary hat.

Pittsburgh 2 (31 of 39)

During our trip, I was on my two week wait for what would become our final IUI round. I think I had given up on that cycle before we even go there, but I still tried to keep my hopes up.

Pittsburgh 1 (32 of 43)Pittsburgh 2 (4 of 39)Pittsburgh 2 (9 of 39)



Spending time with our wonderful family was so good for both of us, especially since we had not had the opportunity to come home since our wedding, four years earlier.

In June, I visited Chicago for the first time with my mother.

Chicago (51 of 62)

It was her birthday, and I decided to take her somewhere we had never been before. I loved Chicago.

Chicago (3 of 62)

Aside from maybe San Francisco, Chicago is probably my favorite US city. I was amazed with how much green space there was in such in big city.

Chicago (12 of 62)IMG_5962

Everywhere we went we were surrounded by parks, playgrounds, and walking paths.  I was obsessed with “the Bean” in Millennium Park, and loved the improv show we caught at Second City.  Also, Lake Michigan is cold.


Most notably, I finally left the country this year. Mark and I escaped on an epic two week vacation in England, Scotland, and Ireland.

After three years of infertility, and five failed IUI procedures, I was broken. My infertility defined who I was totally and completely. Planning the trip to Europe gave me something to look forward to for the first time in years. It helped shake me from despair, depression, and the feelings I had of utter hopelessness.

I found myself on that trip.

To Frame (1 of 1)

The infertility had controlled so much of my life for so long, that I think I forgot that there were other ways to find joy in life.

While travelling to five new cities, and three new countries, I became reinvigorated. Every single day I woke up excited, and ready for the day’s adventures. Every single night I went to sleep feeling content, and a bit more healed.

To Frame-2

This summer, I discovered that travelling, especially with my husband, keeps me grounded, happy, and feeling whole.

To Frame-10

When I first starting writing this blog, I chose the name Ariadne’s String because I felt like I was trapped in a Labyrinth that I could not navigate on my own.

My blog certainly served that purpose. Finding this infertility community helped pull me from the darkness, but I think it was travelling that woke me up. That awakening brought with it the realization that travelling is now an essential part of my life. It helped to heal me, and reminded me of the many things that can still bring my life purpose.

Because of these realizations, I have decided to change the name of my blog to better fit the content. A full site rework will also follow this change. I will be renaming the site, “Infertility and Adventures.”

To Frame (1 of 1)-2To Frame-820170826-DSC_0351

It seems fitting to update the site, especially now that I have started IVF.

I want to thank all of you for following me here at Ariadne’s String, and for helping to heal me in my journey. I hope you all join me on this new chapter of our story.



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