We Begin Again: Starting IVF

4 thoughts on “We Begin Again: Starting IVF”

  1. I’ve also had the same thoughts — like infertility was somehow “not for me” or that i would be exempt from it. But IN it, or experiencing the effects of infertility has spun my head around a bit— so i totally resonated with what you said about feeling like it was some for “them” not you.

    The graphic and quote is so beautiful. Did you make that? I want to save it to my phone for a personal reminder of when the YES comes. 🙂

    Love your positive, hopeful and excited outlook for your next step! You can do it!!


  2. yeah I don’t think anyone ever thinks when they are younger that they might need IVF one day! Fertility is something you just take as a given so it is a total shock then when you are facing infertility. Wishing you all the best for your IVF cycle!


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