Lularoe Fundraiser for Samantha & Mark’s IVF Procedure

“Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it.”
~Ziad K. Abelnour


I was so touched when my longtime friend, Sarah approached me about doing a Lularoe fundraiser for our IVF fund with her consultant, Loni Waltasti. I have known Sarah since I was in eighth grade…so almost 20 years…woah. We both acted at the local community theater. She was a few grades older than me, and she became a great mentor to me, and someone I always looked up to. By offering to do this incredible thing for my husband and I, she proved once again how remarkable she is.

Since Sarah is also the person who got me addicted to Lularoe, it was sort of extra special that she came up with the idea for this fundraiser.

These two ladies have worked relentlessly to create this event (I literally received one message about the event from Sarah like…an hour after she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl).

I love Lularoe. I love this company for the amazing products, the comfortable clothing, that is versatile, soft, comfortable and not too hot in the dead of summer. Most of all, I love the human face of this company. The people like Loni, who are running a business, while supporting their community, their friends, and their family. If you are a Lularoe fan, or a Lularoe newbie, I invite you to come shop this fundraiser.

Some of the proceeds will go to helping Mark and I shoulder some of the exorbitant IVF costs, and you might end up with a super cute outfit (or four). If you can’t shop with us, please let your friends know about this event. 

I have been an avid consumer of this brand for well over a year, and it probably accounts for at least half of the clothing I wear on a daily basis. Because of that, this is a product that I would 100% stand behind.

Let me know if you have any questions about this event, or just Lularoe in general.

You can join us on Oct 11 anytime between 5:30 PM to Oct 12 at 10 PM PDT to shop this event at this link:

Fundraiser for Samantha & Mark’s IVF Procedure

We hope to see you at the Lularoe fundraiser.


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