Our Magical Harry Potter Wedding

“‘After all this time?’
“Always,” Said Snape.”
~Harry Potter and the Dealthy Hallows


I have not mentioned this yet on the site, but I also co-write a geek fashion blog called, Fashionably Nerdy with my friend Stephanie. I love fashion, and I love all things geeky, so the site is a fun hobby that helps me feel fulfilled. I must admit that I do not post as much as I would like lately, as the infertility has taken a toll on me. Since Stephanie is pregnant, and has been posting almost completely about maternity fashions, I have had a difficult time even visiting my own website. 😦

Today, however, I was feeling nostalgic about my super nerdy wedding.

My husband and I had a super magical Harry Potter Wedding in Pennsylvania on May 18, 2013. I finally decided to share photos from that wedding on Fashionably Nerdy this afternoon, and thought that everyone who reads this fertility blog might also want to see photos from this very special day. My husband is and has always been my best friend and planning this wedding with him was such an amazing part of our story. Since I don’t have the patience to re create this entire post again, I decided to do a simple reblog. If you would like to read about our wedding, you can check it out below. 🙂 All photos were taken by the amazingly talented Raffa Stock, who beautifully captured every single special part of our perfect day.


For my husband Mark and I, it didn’t take us very long to decide to create a whimsical Harry Potter Celebration for our big day. Both lifelong nerds, he and I had bonded over multiple fandoms over the course of our five year relationship, but Harry Potter had always been particularly special to our relationship. […]

via Fashionably Nerdy Weddings: Our Magical Harry Potter Nuptials — Fashionably Nerdy

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