I’m Still Here

“I’m still standing here for us
still trying…”

~Bleeker Ridge – Still Standing 


Gosh! I might just be the world’s worst blogger. 

When I first started this blog, I had so much of our story left to share. I was behind and played a lot of catch up to help get all my feelings out and to make my story current. 

It took a few months, but I finally caught up just in time for my surgery last month. 

Since then, I have not said much. 

Partially because I am working almost nonstop. I started a new freelance job that I love, but that keeps me super busy combined with my full time job. 

But I think I also have not posted because I don’t have much to say. I am still healing post surgery and we won’t start treatments again until late February. 

I don’t know yet what will happen. Maybe the surgery helped and I am now more fertile. Maybe it didn’t and I’m not. 

Either way, it doesn’t make for interesting posts. 

But I’m still here, and we are still trying. 

I’ll leave you with our first photo together of the new year. 


You may notice, we are still as in love as ever. 

Thanks for reading. 


5 thoughts on “I’m Still Here

  1. Hey there 🙂 glad you’re healing and keeping busy. Not writing a post doesn’t make you a bad blogger 🙂 You’re selective and busy and it’s cool.

    Liked by 1 person

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