My Recovery: Returning to Work Postop

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”



I didn’t mean to take a week off of the blog during my recovery from surgery, but the time  just got away from me.

I’m honestly not even sure how I managed to post a recap of the procedure so quickly, because I was basically asleep until Sunday. Most of those first few days postop were a total blur.

The recovery is a bear. This picture is a pretty accurate depiction of what it has been like thus far:

I owe you a full recap of the four days I took for recovery, but today I want to talk about my experience with returning to work.

Before I had my surgery, I had talked with my doctor about how many days I should take off of work to rest. He told me that he does the surgery on a Friday, and that most people go back to work Monday. 

“Most people” also more than likely work a desk job, where they can sit while they work. 

I do not. 

I stand, walk, lift, bend, squat, and twist for eight hours a day. 

So, my boss and I decided that I would take five days off. The day of my surgery, plus four days to recover. 

I went back to work on the Wednesday after my Laparoscopy, but it was a difficult day, because I started my period Tuesday night and it was terrible. The pain was difficult to manage, and since I was already tender, swollen, and constipated from surgery, the cramps were really not welcome. I ended up leaving work an hour early. 

Thursday was actually even worse, and I left work after only four hours. 

My husband and I both had yesteday off, but I went back to work today. Though the period cramping has ended, I find that I am still exhausted. All of this healing takes so much out of me, and I could barely stand as I headed home after my first full workday since the surgery. It probably didn’t make it easier that I worked until 10 pm tonight. 

I’m laying on the couch now, nauseous, tired, and sore. My back hurts, and I’ve had a cramp in my right side since yesterday. It’s like an exertion cramp…the kind a person might feel after excersizing when they are not quite in shape.

It doesn’t feel awesome. 

One of my managers noticed how tired I was today, and we talked a little about how difficult coming back to work after surgery is. He suggested I work a slightly shorter shift for the next two days. I agreed, especially since I will be working six days in a row this week because of the upcoming Holiday. We close on Christmas, which is awesome, but it pushes my days off around.

So, for tomorrow and Monday I’ll be working a six hour shift instead of eight. Hopefully it will make a difference and be better for my continued recovery. 

I’m super tired and feeling beat up after a long day, so I’m gonna try to get some sleep. 

Thanks for the continued well wishes and support. It is incredibly helpful to feel so much love. ๐Ÿ’š


8 thoughts on “My Recovery: Returning to Work Postop

  1. Oh boy, I feel your pain! I’ve had three laparoscopies for endometriosis. The first one I returned to work a week later and it was rough (and I also got my period that week, how funny is that?) The second one was excision surgery and I took a full three weeks off and going back was still hard. I’m a hospital pharmacist, so I’m moving around all the time. The third one was in the middle of this six month medical leave I’m currently on. I’m glad you’re able to work shorter shifts the next couple days. Rest up as best as you can! You’ve got this!๐Ÿ’›

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    1. Wow. You are a super woman. I’m sorry you have gone through so much, but I know it made you so strong. I slept a full ten hours last night, so hopefully today I’ll be better rested. The next two short shifts should help too. Thanks for the encouragement. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  2. You’ve had a rough ride there. It is exhausting and I don’t think anyone can really know how your body is going to cope after having surgery. I didn’t feel like I truly had my energy back for a couple weeks. I work a desk job but worked from home for the week after. My doctor who did the surgery didn’t want me to drive for a week. I have major respect for you to have gone back to being on your feet working. Be extra kind and gentle to yourself. This takes a while for your body to get back up to speed. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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