Our Infertility Story: Surgery or IVF

Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.
~John Wayne

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After my second failed IUI, my doctor relayed to his nurse that he didn’t really want to do more than one more round of IUI. He would prefer if we did IVF or that I had the surgery he had already discussed with me.

Mark and I decided to save our precious insurance covered IUI procedures, and talk with the doctor about our other options.

Our appointment was over a week after my period began, and it was a very very long week.

I had to leave work early the day my period started, because I was such a mess that I couldn’t pull myself together and get through my shift.

Mark was off early that day, so I picked him up at work, and we shared wine and he comforted me while I cried. Most importantly, we talked about our next steps.

I reached out to a very good friend who wanted to meet me for breakfast the following day, even if I didn’t want to talk. I had to work early the next day, but he met me on my lunch break and it was nice to have a friend to sit with, as I slowly started figuring out how to pick up the pieces of my life.
I fell into a very deep depression. I had a difficult time hanging onto hope, and I just felt lost and empty.

Finally meeting with the doctor the following week helped. I learned that IVF is the most effective way for a women with endometriosis to get pregnant. I learned that if my endo is not super advanced the surgery might help enough for IUI to be effective. I also learned that during both of our IUI rounds, I was producing strong and healthy eggs. This is a good sign, because it suggests the endometriosis has not done damage to my ovaries.

I felt better after our meeting, but anxious as we began our waiting game. We had to give the office a week to find out how much IVF our insurance would cover, and how much the surgery would cost. We needed information to make a decision.

We didn’t hear back for over 9 days, so I finally called and received the news I had been expecting. Our insurance doesn’t cover ANY of IVF. Not the facility charge, not the fertility meds, not the procedure…nothing.

We had also met our out of pocket for the year, so surgery before the end of the year would be advantageous for us. I told them to schedule it.

I got a call back with possible dates, and after a little back and forth, we settled on Friday December 9. This was still weeks away at the time, as we booked all this about two weeks before Thanksgiving.

I planned things out with work, and we decided that I would take four days off after my surgery so that I could recover. My doctor only usually recommends taking two days off following surgery, but that is for people who work desk type jobs. At my job, it’s not uncommon for me to walk four miles a day.

I had to transfer stores in between all of this, and therefore had to rework all of this with my new boss…but she was more than accommodating.

I am about to have surgery.

I feel like getting to this point has taken forever, and it has also flown by.

I’m scared of the procedure, and I’m probably more nervous to find out how advanced my endometriosis is. But we are here now, and I know that getting answers is better than staying in the dark.

So I am about to have my laparoscopy surgery.

Thanks for all of your kind words and thoughts and prayers over the last few months. All of your support has meant the world to me. ☺️

Much love in return. ❤️


4 thoughts on “Our Infertility Story: Surgery or IVF

  1. Hi Sam, good luck today!! I’ll be thinking good thoughts for you. Try to take each step one at a time and breathe into it. Everything you’re feeling is 100% rationale because the enormity of this is worthy of big emotions. Listen to your body. And milk all the pampering you can get in your recovery! 😉 keep us posted.

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  2. Oh. Insurance can be the WORST!! My heart hurts for you that it won’t cover anything. I hope the surgery went well. Many blessings for a quick recovery.


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