Stress Eating 

 “Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like…”
~Mark Twain

From what I have read, heard from other infertile couples, or have been told by my doctor, many women gain weight while trying to conceive. This seems to be from hormone treatments, stress, lack of excersize, or a multitude of other factors. 

I actually started losing weight, pretty much as soon as we started treatment. Don’t misunderstand me here. During our first year and a half of TTC, I gained quite a bit of weight. I started to hate my body, and I got really down on myself. I didn’t need that on top of everything else we were going through, so I started doing the 21 Day Fix. Portion control, more than the workouts, was what I was most able to stick with. I saw some progress, but not that much. 

Once we started with clomid in September, however, the weight started to fall off. I’ve not been eating well, but I think substantially less. When I get upset, especially if I cry, I lose my appetite for hours. That, combined with the fact that stress usually makes me lose weight (I lost 15 pounds in college, instead of gaining it) meant that my pants were suddenly not fitting. 

So why am I mentioning this now? 

I mean, I guess it is definitely something to note about our infertility experience, but I think the reason I am bringing it up is because I am certainly eating now. 

For the last few days I have been eating junk, and a lot of it. We ordered a TON of Chinese take out for dinner Friday. 

I had a fried chicken sandwich with egg and cheese for breakfast on Saturday (it was amazing, by the way). 

I then proceeded to eat leftover Chinese for the next two nights worth of dinners. 

Last night, I ate velveta shells and cheese, with frozen pizza, and a Caesar salad.   

This morning on my lunch break at work, I ate dumplings and Panang curry, rice, and veggies. 

I got home around two and ate a hot pocket, three pickle spears, and half a bag of pickle chips.   

I just ate Top Ramen for dinner…

I would say that I am actually probably  stress eating. 

I’m not gonna worry about it. I mean, this surgery terrifies me, and if this is how I’m gonna cope this time around; so be it. 

I hope my stomach will understand. 

I think I should probably eat salad tomorrow…though I do have leftover dumplings at work. 😉

I’m stressed and anxious, but if you can believe it, I’m actually in pretty high spirits. I am feeling so inundated with love and support right now, it’s hard to focus on anything else. So for now I’ll keep my spirits high, and eat what I want. 


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