A Turbulent Future 

“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; it is to act with yesterday’s logic.”
~Peter Drucker 
 I am only now starting to understand how difficult it is to balance this blog with the demands of work, and functioning as a somewhat emotionally sound human being. 

What a crappy week it has been. 

I’m not gonna lie; I totally shut down after the election. It wasn’t that I was a particularly huge fan of either candidate. I’m not, though I did vote. What scared, angered, and saddened me was how willing nearly half the country was to set us back over 50 years. 

I’m scared for women’s rights, LGBT+ rights, minorities rights. I’m scared that we will relive the darkest days of our history by bringing back internment camps; that enough SCOTUS justices will eventually be appointed to overturn Roe V Wade, and marriage quality. I worry about the future of our planet; about climate change; about overpopulation. I also worry about the poor in our country, and the sick. I’m worried that abolishing Obama Care will undue the protections given to people with a pre-existing condition. 

Did you know infertility is considered a pre-existing condition? 

In the days following the election, I found myself wondering if I even want children anymore. Can I bring a baby into a world that is so torn by hate? 

Don’t misunderstand me. I see that the hate is coming from all sides. That makes it worse, I think. 

And what happens should we have to adopt? I’m happy to do so, but if we adopt a baby with health problems, or a baby of color, can I protect my child in this new, more dangerous America? 

I feel very uncertain right now. I have a lot of questions and I don’t have any answers.

I want to believe that everything is going to be okay; that the big things that I am worried about will never come to pass. I truly hope that will be the case. I don’t know what I can say or do to ensure a bright future for the world’s children. 

I know that I will do my best to live in love, and to extinguish the fires of hate wherever I should find them. That’s all I can do for now. 

Maybe that’s enough. 


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