This is Halloween…Weekend

 “Something wicked this way comes.”
~William Shakespeare

Happy Halloween!

I hope you are all finding fun ways to get into to some (safe) trouble tonight.

I’m actually spending the evening in. I’m rocking my Halloween leggings, a fun shirt with a quote from Hocus Pocus, and watching the first episode of Westworld with my husband.

I got into enough trouble this weekend, and I was certainly feeling a bit wicked. Ol’ Willie Shakespeare would have been proud. 😉

My husband and I enjoyed an extended weekend (he had five days off, I had three) packed full of activities. On Friday, we joined my best friend and her boyfriend at one of our favorite theme parks. It was my best friend’s birthday, and her boyfriend’s first visit to the park.

Friday night, I had two out of town guests arrive to stay at out house. It turned into a total girls night full of drinking, laughing, and even a bit of crying as we stayed up well into the early morning. Between the three of us, we killed about five bottles of wine and two medium pizzas.

I think we all felt a little worse for the wear on Saturday, but I know how much I had really needed a night like that. These past few weeks have been so difficult, and full of so much pain, grief, and anger. It was nice to have a night with a couple of truly  inspiring women.

We had a nice breakfast Saturday, before taking in a convention for a few hours during the day. Afterwards, we all returned home to nap, before heading out to an after party for the convention. I was still feeling pretty rough, so I didn’t drink, but it was another late night. We made it home at around 2am.

Sunday we were up early for the final day of the convention. My husband and I had a blast parading around in some pretty amazing costumes. They were a huge hit at the convention, and we got stopped constantly to have our photos taken. Someone even just walked up to me and put her baby in my arms. I mean, she was cute as anything, but that was an absolute first for me.

The highlight of the weekend (who am I kidding, the highlight of my life so far) was meeting one of my all time favorite celebrities.

I am not easily star struck. I have actually met quite a few famous people (I used to live in Hollywood), but this guy was probably number one of my list of people to meet. I also have the hugest celebrity crush on him. I was a mess before and after meeting him. I was shaky, anxious, and a bit of a goober. I totally lost my cool.

But hey, he hugged me.

My heart. 😍

I am so grateful for all of the people that helped make my weekend so special: To my best friend and her boyfriend, the girls that came to stay with us, my co-workers who joined us at the convention. Life has been difficult lately, but staying busy this weekend (and having so much fun) was certainly an important part of my healing process.

It was back to work today, back to life.

I know I’m still struggling; still depressed and broken. I had four panics in the last week, so that alone tells me how much work I have to do.

But the last few days have been better, and that has made me feel so much better.

I hope you all enjoy your final October night. It’s beautiful here, and I hope it is wherever you are all as well.

Happy Halloween! 🎃


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