Our Infertility Story: My HSG

5 thoughts on “Our Infertility Story: My HSG”

  1. Geez, they should have looked at your cervix and given you a Vicodin and valium in advance…my cervix is like that too and I’ve had it manually dilated as well and I unleashed some choice words the first time I had an IUI (just on Ibuprofen as well) . My HSG wasn’t hard at all though, the lady in town who did it was one of the pioneers of the procedure it turned out so she was an ace at it. I’m always amazed that more drugs aren’t offered though to prep for HSG though, as I know my case was super rare.


    1. Yeah. The staff apologized profusely, and he did tell me that should I ever need anothe HSG, to remind them of what happened and ask for a sedatitive. Even still, my first IUI in Septemeber was no picnic.


  2. I totally relate to your account of your hycosy. I just had mine this week and I was in so much pain. I have been bleeding a little bit too after it. I have heard so many stories of people who have had increased changes of getting pregnant after it, fingers crossed for all of us. I am finding it really hard as I know others are too

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